Solution for Testing Automobiles and Components

With the progress of science and technology automotive testing technology develop rapidly.traditional testing method con’t meet the needs of the modern car testing. As a leading testing company in the world, DYNA-MESS can provide the whole car and component testing machines.From design to manufacturing our engineers can supply tailor-made solutions, fiting any customer’s wish.

ROACTERE Multi Function Roboter

iCDT (in Car Durability Test)

TME Closed Energy Test

The DMA is a test bench with high measuring accuracy, stability and test person independency.
It is designed for the evaluation of closing and opening processes of doors and lids. The system is simple to operate, self-logging and selfsupervisory during duration tests. The measurement data provide interpretable statements about the behaviour of the object tested under test conditions and during its lifecycle. Exact measurement of closure load, resistances of locking positions and energies.

Static Measurement:
– Locking torque can be measured jolt-free with linear axes characteristic
– Opening and closing curves can be evaluated over angles
Dynamical measurement:
– determination of the minimum closing energy through specification of the energy to be used by the door unit, the door is closed with a definable speed pro le until the energy limit is reached, and it is consequently released from the drive to fall freely into the lock

rMot, lMot series Front or Tailgate Tester

A rotating test and measurement system which can be used for various applications and it is therefore modulary useable. With this the dynamic opening and closing of vehicle engine bonnets and boot lids can be recorded and monitored by means of the collected data. rMOT is easy to set up and adjust, it is very robust and delivers very precise test results.


HiL Window Lifter Test System

Window lifter test system from Kübrich Ingenieure offers doubly flexible. Flexible in the control of test objects, then these can be tested under various criteria and flexible in the use of the sensor technology. A lot of different types of test schedules and constructional systems become possible.


– HiL (Hardware in the Loop) System
– Data Recording for all Measurement Values – Ultra Flexible Adaptability to any Program
Flow Through a Graphically Programmable
Test Sequencer
– Climate Chamber Applicable
– Open Source Software (TiS, ACTERE)
– M2M Communication with Self Diagnostic

Lock Cylinder Test

The lock cylinder test bench is made for determining and testing linear forces and torques affecting the vehiclekey and the vehicle lock.
The robust test system is composed of standard components which allows an easy handling and maintainance. The load capacity on the test unit was signi cantly expanded by Kübrich Ingenieure.


EDMT Electric Drive Motor Test

With the Test Bench for testing electrical drive motors from Kübrich Ingenieure it is possible to test easy electrical motors and their electronical control. The motor specifications can be identify and the motor can be tested under operational conditions.
The vehicle condition can be completely simulated by using load machines and a cooling (conditioning) system – no additional climate chamber is necessary.


Spoiler Test Bench

With Spoiler Test Bench it is possible to test any kind of roof or rear spoiler with different design and dimensions.
The test sample will be tested by two linear performance actuators which are able to simulate drag and compressive force.


Dynamic performance testing of body in white

In the design and development of modern cars, the rationality of the car body design has a direct impact on the reliability, safety and dynamic response characteristics of the car. As an elastic system, the body will vibrate under the time-varying excitation of the outside. When the external excitation frequency is close to the natural frequency of the system, the resonance will be generated. The performance testing of body in white has been paid more and more attention.DYNA-MESS can offer various electric action actuators for test of body in white.

Gearbox Gear Test

The automobile gearbox is one of the most important parts in the automobile transmission system. It is a variable speed device used to coordinate the engine’s speed and the actual speed of the wheel. It is used to perform the best performance of the engine.

Automobile Seat Fatigue Testing

Each seat needs strict tests before leaving the factory, and DYNA-MESS provides a full – range solution for the seat test.

  • Uniaxial fatigue test
  • Multiaxial fatigue test
  • Seat adjustment test
  • Jolt test
  • Stiffness test

Automobile steering system

The axial, tangent and torsional fatigue test of the steering wheel can be tested by DYNA-MESS pneumatic fatigue testing machine.

Uniaxial and multi axis loading tests can be carried out.

It can analyze all kinds of cracks, sprains and permanent deformation in all directions to ensure the durability of each steering wheel.

Shock absorber test

Clutch testing

Brake system test